Customer-Driven myWorld App 1.3.15 Release Replaces Paper Delivery Packages in the Cockpit

World Fuel Services released the myWorld App 1.3.15 this month with new customer-driven features that enable users to go paperless in the cockpit by replacing their paper package with an editable digital copy. With the latest release, users can download and annotate delivery packages, set optimized route calculation options, compare multiple calculated flight plans and more.

myWorld App users can now download a PDF of the delivery package, annotate it, and share it directly in the app. With this enhancement, users can view packages and immediately go offline for managed and self-serve trips. The interactive editing toolbar enables users to annotate documents with important notes while inflight using search, view and edit functionalities. They can also share documents in-flight or at the end of a trip via email, SMS text, Messenger, Airdrop and AirPrint. The delivery package PDF is the third option in the app that pilots have to manage the flight in the cockpit, along with the delivered package and the app’s Electronic Flight Bag feature.The myWorld App has become a key application for pilots and dispatchers since its full release in 2018. It was developed with pilot testing and feedback, and each release continues that same path.

“As we continue to enhance the myWorld App, we gather pilot feedback to create the newest features, like replacing a paper delivery package with an editable digital copy, ” says Jeff Briand, World Fuel’s Vice President of Global Trip Support. “As a result, this release is entirely customer-driven.”

Another significant customer-driven feature is the ability to view and compare multiple calculated flight plans easily and use the interactive editing toolbar to make notes directly on the PDF, select different viewing modes, and share with others.

The optimized route switch is a speed enhancement that significantly reduces the loading/calculation time of a flight plan. Users can turn off the optimized route calculation and use published or stored routings without the system sending requests in the background. The option can be set as default for all trips or set per leg.

Additional enhancements in 1.3.15 include new optimize and validate routes function of Create New Leg, schedule TBA or tentative trips for managed trips and the send package without preview capability.

Customers can download the free myWorld app on the App Store for iOS iPad devices. Simply search the App Store for “myWorld WFS” to locate, download and tap into the latest release. Any customer needing help setting up a new login can email or call +1 281 280 2200 or +1 800 626 0577.

Northern Jet Management Honored as a 2020 Michigan Celebrates Awardee!

Northern Jet Management ( is being recognized as one of the 2020 awardees of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch award, presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. Northern Jet will be honored at an awards ceremony during the 16th annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business virtual gala event, July 28.

Northern Jet Management has been serving the private and corporate aviation industry for 25 years. Products and services include The Florida Private Advantage Card, The Company Jet Fractional Program, turn-key Aircraft Management, and Aircraft Acquisition and Brokerage services.  In addition to the Grand Rapids headquarters, Northern Jet also has bases at the Naples, Florida, Chicago Executive, Milwaukee, and Lansing Airports.

“This award is an acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication of the entire Northern Jet team,” said Charles (Chuck) Cox, CEO Northern Jet Management. “I am thrilled for each team member. This is a unique business we are in, and everyone works hard to make sure our clients receive the very best service in the industry.”

This year’s Michigan 50 Companies to Watch have made a substantial economic impact, totaling $365 million in total annual revenue for 2019. From 2016 through 2019, these companies generated $1 billion in revenue and added 723 employees (both in Michigan and out of state), reflecting a 101.9% increase in revenue and 93.8% increase in jobs for the four-year period. That translates into a 26.9% annual revenue growth and 24.8% annual growth in employees.

“Michigan’s small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economies and play a vital role in making our communities attractive places to live, work, visit and play,” said Josh Hundt, Chief Business Development Officer for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. “As the state continues to recover from the COVID-19 outbreak, we are honored to recognize and celebrate these small businesses, which demonstrate the resilience, innovation and grit that sets Michigan apart.”

Companies nominated for the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch award must be second-stage companies, defined as having six to 99 full-time-equivalent employees and generating $750,000 to $50 million in annual revenue or working capital from investors or grants. Additionally, the companies must be privately held and headquartered in Michigan.

Judges from economic and entrepreneurship development organizations selected the 2020  winners. The judges evaluated the nominees’ demonstration of intent and capacity to grow based on the following:

  • Employee or sales growth
  • Exceptional entrepreneurial leadership
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Other notable factors that showcase the company’s success

Michigan Celebrates received 575 nominations for the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch award, which surpassed last year’s record of 425 nominations. In addition to a competitive landscape for this award, the businesses who are selected by the judges go through a rigorous due diligence process prior to the final decision.

Top 50 Celebration Photo

Michigan Celebrates Small Business (MCSB) is a collaboration of trusted statewide founding organizations who offer resources for small businesses. Since 2005, Michigan Celebrates Small Business awards gala has placed a spotlight on how small businesses positively impact our communities and state. The MCSB organization is focused on supporting, promoting and celebrating small businesses in Michigan.

The Manufacturing Growth Alliance is the Managing Partner of Michigan Celebrates Small Business. Founding sponsors are the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, PNC Bank, AF Group, and Dynamic Edge, Inc.

Information about Michigan Celebrates Small Business can be found at


Girls in Aviation Day 2020 Available To All – Online and Free of Charge – Now Year Round

Women in Aviation International’s Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD) will go on in 2020 – despite the global pandemic – and it will be bigger and more far-reaching than ever! WAI chapters and corporate members will not host in-person events this year, and will instead deliver a virtual experience through a new Aviation for Girls app that is free and available to all beginning Saturday, September 26, 2020.

“With the continued growth and success of Girls in Aviation Day – in large part due to the dedicated and tireless efforts of WAI Corporate Members and Chapters all around the world – we knew we had to expand the GIAD experience this year, and canceling wasn’t an option,” says WAI CEO Allison McKay. “With input from our chapters, partners, the board of directors, and staff, we decided for the safety of our youngsters and volunteers, to provide a virtual experience that takes no chances with safety.”

Without geographic constraints, the Aviation for Girls app is the tool WAI will provide to allow more girls to experience the valuable WAI content, resources, career panel videos, hands-on activities, virtual tours, scholarships, and mentoring opportunities. Key to the GIAD experience is providing participants the chance to meet role models to whom they can relate, see in themselves, and who represent career opportunities they may never have dreamed of. In addition, GIAD attendees using the app will qualify to apply for WAI 2021 scholarships and will receive monthly WAI Connect eNewsletters, and the digital version of Aviation for Women magazine.

“It’s important to note the Aviation for Girl app is not meant to take the place of our future face-to-face GIAD events, but rather to complement the big day beyond 2020,” adds Outreach Director Molly Martin. “We all agree that the app will extend the power of the day for the girls and help ignite their aviation spark in thousands. And, with year-round availability and a continuously growing library of content, we’ll be able to help keep that spark lit all across the world.”

Click here for the list of current #GIAD20 partners and more information. Advance registration information will follow in the coming weeks – please visit

Fly Louie Program To Help Shave Crew Hotel Costs

Independent charter operator network Fly Louie Alliance has partnered with Hotel Connections to offer a free crew travel savings program exclusively for its members that will offer savings of up to 40 percent on hotel stays at more than 1.6 million locations. Access to Fly Louie Crew Travel program using the HotelConnect app developed by Hotel Connections is expected on June 15.

“We’ve talked to more than 100 Fly Louie Alliance operators in recent weeks, and the cost and complexity of managing crew travel has been an ongoing pain point,” Fly Louie CEO Julia Takeda said. “We are excited that our independent operator members can access the same savings and benefits that Hotel Connect offers to some of the biggest and best commercial and private aviation companies.”

In addition to favorable rates, Fly Louie said Hotel Connections can negotiate flexible cancellation policies, late checkouts, and other amenities. Fly Louie will monitor sign-up and usage activity by its members, and based on that data will make adjustments to the program as needed.

(Source: Aviation International News)

Jet Linx Applies Covid-killing Formula to Fleet

Jet card and aircraft management provider Jet Linx has begun applying the Bioprotectus System to its aircraft and at its network of private terminals. The system developed by ViaClean Technologies has been proven by two Centers of Excellence of the Global Virus Network to eliminate and provide protection against SARS-CoV-2, the unique coronavirus that causes Covid-19, for more than six weeks.

“Safety is always our utmost priority and there has never been a more significant impetus to utilize groundbreaking technologies such as the Bioprotectus System to safeguard our clients, flight crews, and ground personnel,” said Jet Linx president and CEO Jamie Walker. “We…believe that our ongoing application of the Bioprotectus System will enable us to navigate the road to recovery more confidently and rapidly.”

Jet Linx claims it is the first aviation operator to use the system that includes disinfectants, antimicrobial surface protectants, air filters, and hand sanitizers. In addition to using the system on its fleet and facilities, Jet Linx has installed Bioprotect hand purifier dispensers in its 19 private terminals and offers the product aboard its aircraft.

(Source: Aviation International News)

Tamarack Waives Winglet Install Fee To Boost Sales

Tamarack Aerospace Group is temporarily waiving the installation fee for its Atlas active winglets on Cessna CitationJets, the Sandpoint, Idaho manufacturer announced earlier this week. The discount is a response to the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and will be available through the end of June, according to Tamarack officials.

“We are proud to help our valued customers during this time of economic strain,” said Tamarack president Jacob Klinginsmith. “Temporarily eliminating the $42,000 installation fee has allowed seven customers and counting to experience the groundbreaking benefits of our active winglet technology.”

So far, owners and operators of two CJs, two CJ1s, two CJ2s, and one CJ3 have used the discount. The group’s Tamarack Partners companies that install the Atlas system are also taking advantage of the discount to boost their sales activity. Continued support from customers over the spring has helped to keep Tamarack’s sales services and supply chains operating, the company noted.

(Source: Aviation International News)

Signature Rolls Out New Worldwide Covid Standards

Signature Flight Support, the world’s largest FBO chain, has launched SignatureAssure, its Covid-19 response program. Introduced as general aviation flying levels slowly begin to rise, the program encompasses all recommended practices, including social distancing with signage and floor markings, a mandatory employee training plan, and use of personal protection equipment. Health screenings are administered at the start of every worker shift using pulse oximeters and touchless thermometers.

“Trust has always been paramount in aviation and the global pandemic has added a new dimension to earning our customer’s trust—ensuring their health and safety,” said company COO Tony Lefebvre.

In its more than 200 facilities worldwide, a 50-point facility cleanliness checklist has been adopted and is implemented several times a day. It incorporates technologies such as electrostatic sprayers that allow large areas of the terminals to be quickly sanitized. In lounge areas, furniture has been reconfigured to meet current social distancing guidelines and all non-essential common use items have been removed.

The company has also leveraged its partnership with National Car Rental to provide sanitized rental cars at all of its FBO locations.

“Our customers have come to trust and expect our industry-leading approach, and we are investing in the latest technology to ensure the health and safety of our team members, our visiting flight crews, and the traveling public,” said CEO Mark Johnstone.

(Source: Aviation International News)